Product Information

Quality Control

All components of Rains products stand confidently under the standards of REACH; the European legislation regulating registrations, evaluations, authorizations and restrictions of chemicals. Together, with international testing centers, Rains continually tests the components of products in order to ensure the highest standards of quality control. All individual product specifications can be found in the product descriptions and details section of the product pages.


We maintain a close relationship with our product manufacturers, rainwear specialists based in China. Our suppliers have been an integral part in the development and production of Rains collections since we started in 2012. All of our products are manufactured in factories with more than 15 years of experience in rainwear and performance garments. Rains is proud to partner with professional, ethical factories that produce high-quality products in safe working conditions. The factories are aligned with Rains’ employee standards, including but not exclusive to: secure health insurance, proper working schedules, and clean working environments.